Bite wounds


imageBattles where the fish bite and injure each other may occur in aquariums or ponds with fish species that are aggressive and/or territorial, particularly in cramped conditions. This may also happen if groups of these kinds of species are not socially intact so that weaker individuals are bitten up more or less regularly by stronger individuals. Adding new fish can also lead to the "long-time residents" biting the newcomers. Bite wounds are rarely fatal and generally heal well with appropriate water care. In the event of insufficient water hygiene, though, they open the door to bacteria and fungi. As a result, bite wounds may lead to a number of diseases, ranging from bacterial infections to fungal infestation.

Precautionary measures should be taken to protect the newcomers from the old-timers: Appropriate measures include redecorating to create new territorial boundaries, turning off the lights, inserting a dividing panel temporarily, etc. Dense vegetation and creating places to hide may also help.


However, if a fish has already been wounded, the weakened fish should be separated from the others, as, otherwise, it will continue to be target of attacks. If you don't have an extra aquarium, using a spawning box temporarily can help (please, though, observe the space required for the habitat of any species). Now, protection and speedy regeneration of the severely damaged mucous membranes is very important in order to prevent infections.

Bite wounds should only be treated if secondary infections as a result of bacteria or fungi develop.